A happy customer tells one friend, an unhappy customer tells everybody.

In a recent article on Site Pro News, they discuss word of mouth marketing, and how it can affect your business.

As a mother, a woman, a consumer, and a blogger, I know all too well the saying above, “A happy customer tells one friend, and unhappy customer tells everybody.”
Many times when I’ve gone and purchased from a brick and mortar store or from an on-line retailer, if I’ve had a bad experience, I’ve told everyone I know and posted it to my blog letting even more people know about it.
I get close to 60,000 visitors a month on my blog, so when I’m unhappy, believe me, people know about it.
When I have a great experience, I’m even more likely to rave about it and the product.

One of the greatest word of mouth marketing ideas, is to give a blogger your product and ask them to review it and write about it.
Go above and beyond to make sure they get the product quickly and in great shape, make sure they are happy it arrived quickly.
There is nothing worse than ordering something on-line, and having to wait weeks to get it.

In the last year, I’ve had the opportunity to receive quite a few products from companies on-line, and give my honest review of them.
I have been pleased with every single one for many reasons.
First, staying in touch with me.
Giving me shipping and tracking information so I can know when it will arrive.
Making sure the product is packaged securely so it doesn’t end up damaged in transit.
Including a thank you for taking the time to test out their products. (this is huge to me)
And lastly, letting me know after I’ve completed my review, what they thought of it, and what they would have liked to see my review cover if they were unhappy with it, or what ways they could have made my experience better.
Feedback from your consumers should be taken seriously.
They are the keys to making your business even more successful.

Just in the month of February 2008, I’ve been contacted by 3 book publishers in my niche.
What is my niche?
I’m a single parent first, a mom of teenagers, a woman, a health and beauty nut, a movie and music lover, an avid reader, and a consumer with a big mouth, or should I say, a blog that holds nothing back.
I call it like I see it, and if the book is great, I’m going to tell every single one of my readers how awesome it was.
If it was bad, my readers will know exactly why it was bad, and to avoid spending their money on it.
One of the other things I’ve done to help spread the word of products, is to give it away in a contest on my blog when I’m done with it.
My blog readers love contests where they can win an actual product to try out.
I’ve given away books, health and beauty products, and movies, cds, video games and more.

Blogs are the new medium, the new word of mouth, because of how many people we can reach.
If your company can afford to send just 10 bloggers in your niche, one single product to try absolutely free, then you should do it.
You can gain buyers from all over the world if those bloggers love your product.
If you can afford to send one product to a blogger and one for them to give away to a reader, you will gain even more sales and reviews because most blog readers, are bloggers themselves.
You get a second review seen by even more consumers.
If they don’t have a blog, they will still tell everyone they know about your product.
Word of mouth marketing is huge.
A happy blogging consumer, tells literally thousands of people, which translates into thousands of potential consumers.

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  1. RTAA says:

    I second and third and fourth this.

    I wish most others would realize that word of mouth is actually the best form of advertisement.

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